Self sufficiency

To foster self sufficiency among the target community, a connection to the surrounding agricultural property will be reinforced through programs offered to both residents and members of the community. Greenhouses and gardens will provide training opportunities in agricultural skills and urban farming techniques, and allow participants to reduce food costs; a commercial grade kitchen and multi-purpose space will extend this training to food preparation and storage, offering life skills, employment skills and even income potential. An on-site cafeĢ and bakery will offer further skills training and income opportunities.

Additional amenities will support a broad scope of activities, development opportunities and engagement:

  • A library and computer lab to provide alternate learning opportunities;
  • An exercise room to promote healthy living to supplement outdoor activities;
  • Lounges on each floor for small group interaction, media space, and social events;
  • A food co-op where residents and members of the community can share in cost-savings for everyday food items, sundries, toiletries, etc. Residents will form a committee to assist in the running of this program;
  • Swimming pool a wonderful feature for recreational and therapeutic use;
  • Arts and crafts Centre offering painting, pottery, sewing, flower arrangement and more!
  • Media and conference room designed to act as both a training facility and entertainment room for residents and community members;
  • Guest suites on each floor will offer flexible solutions for visitors, respite services and most importantly transitional living - allowing residence to take the time they need to transition into their new community;
  • Courtyard is the focal point of the site. An ideal place to relax, meditate, exercise and socialize

Ultimately, living long term in this co-operative community, the residents will find protection against rising living costs (utilities, food, shelter), and they will experience greater independence in a supportive, sustainable environment.

Angel Oak Activities