This redevelopment proposal begins with a population at need: aging parents who have children with disabilities seek to secure a safe place for their adult children to live and flourish. Seniors looking for affordable housing options and a place to volunteer and enrich the lives of others through their life experiences.  Young people who have been unable to enter into a housing market due to high housing prices and expensive rentals.  As few communities thrive in isolation, this proposal offers a vision for an integrated, diverse community to enrich and support the core resident population.

The majority of housing units will be sold as life-lease agreements.  Additional housing will be made available on a rental basis, to those who require affordable housing. Support and skills development programs for residents will be available also to day visitors (non-residents from within the region), promoting networking and connections to the broader community.

An additional partneringplan is projected, whereby community support agencies may receive discounted tenancies, to offset the cost of hiring additional support staff. This variety of tenants will greatly expand the diversity of users at Orchard Park and position the facility as a resource hub for the region.