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The Orchard Park building has a long history at the Ignatius Jesuit Centre. However, its present condition demonstrates an underutilized building in need of significant repairs and improvement.

Angel Oak Communities Inc. (AOC) has put forward a proposal for a long-term lease agreement (50-100 years ), taking on the redevelopment, management and maintenance of Orchard Park as a combined commercial and residential use building, drawing on leading technologies to incorporate resource sustainability into a facility that builds self sufficiency for its residents.


This redevelopment proposal begins with a population at need: aging parents who have children with disabilities seek to secure a safe place for their adult children to live and flourish. Seniors looking for affordable housing options and a place to volunteer and enrich the lives of others through their life experiences.  Young people who have been unable to enter into a housing market due to high housing prices and expensive rentals.  As few communities thrive in isolation, this proposal offers a vision for an integrated, diverse community to enrich and support the core resident population.

The majority of housing units will be sold as life-lease agreements.  Additional housing will be made available on a rental basis, to those who require affordable housing. Support and skills development programs for residents will be available also to day visitors (non-residents from within the region), promoting networking and connections to the broader community.

An additional partneringplan is projected, whereby community support agencies may receive discounted tenancies, to offset the cost of hiring additional support staff. This variety of tenants will greatly expand the diversity of users at Orchard Park and position the facility as a resource hub for the region.

Building with sustainability

From the outset, the aim is to provide a model for living that is financially and environmentally sustainable. The extensive retrofit of mechanical and electrical systems, as well as the development of the immediate site areas will have as their goal occupant well-being combined with energy & waste efficiency. Several key, innovative technologies have been identified as being well suited to this site. Together, the residential and commercial units will implement and share in these new technologies for a significant reduction in the ongoing utility costs of the building complex along with a dramatic reduction of its carbon footprint.

In the long term, this proposal will strive to generate more energy than the building consumes. Such a goal entails significant improvements to the performance of building assembles, as well as installation of on-site energy production and conservation technologies.

High-performance retrofits to walls and roofs will substantially improve insulation and prevent air leakage, reducing the amount of energy needed to heat and cool the building. Building automation systems will maintain efficient operation of building services (heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting). Snow melt and rainwater from rooftop areas will be collected in rainwater cisterns, offsetting the use of potable water for toilet flushing and agricultural uses. A solar system may be included for pre-heating of water, and a geothermal system may be included for pre-heating and pre-cooling of conditioned air. A combined heating and power plant will prompt the biggest shift away from reliance on the regional hydro-electric grid, aspiring to an essentially off-grid solution.

The renewed Orchard Park will be a Centre for Sustainability, showcasing technologies which will integrate the building with the surrounding land.

Self sufficiency

To foster self sufficiency among the target community, a connection to the surrounding agricultural property will be reinforced through programs offered to both residents and members of the community. Greenhouses and gardens will provide training opportunities in agricultural skills and urban farming techniques, and allow participants to reduce food costs; a commercial grade kitchen and multi-purpose space will extend this training to food preparation and storage, offering life skills, employment skills and even income potential. An on-site cafeĢ and bakery will offer further skills training and income opportunities.

Additional amenities will support a broad scope of activities, development opportunities and engagement:

  • A library and computer lab to provide alternate learning opportunities;
  • An exercise room to promote healthy living to supplement outdoor activities;
  • Lounges on each floor for small group interaction, media space, and social events;
  • A food co-op where residents and members of the community can share in cost-savings for everyday food items, sundries, toiletries, etc. Residents will form a committee to assist in the running of this program;
  • Swimming pool a wonderful feature for recreational and therapeutic use;
  • Arts and crafts Centre offering painting, pottery, sewing, flower arrangement and more!
  • Media and conference room designed to act as both a training facility and entertainment room for residents and community members;
  • Guest suites on each floor will offer flexible solutions for visitors, respite services and most importantly transitional living - allowing residence to take the time they need to transition into their new community;
  • Courtyard is the focal point of the site. An ideal place to relax, meditate, exercise and socialize

Ultimately, living long term in this co-operative community, the residents will find protection against rising living costs (utilities, food, shelter), and they will experience greater independence in a supportive, sustainable environment.

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