About Angel Oak Communities

Angel Oak Communities Inc. is a private not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing sustainable, all-inclusive, integrated housing solutions for Canadian families.

Very few communities thrive in isolation, Angel Oak proposes a vision for an integrated, 'diverse community within a community' to enrich and support the core resident population.

Angel Oak begins with a population at need: aging parents who have children with disabilities seeking to secure a safe place for their adult children to live and flourish. Seniors living on pensions finding it hard to find affordable housing options. Millenials who have been priced right out of their own community and find themselves still living at home. Whatever the situation, Angel Oak is looking to assist people in finding a community they can feel a part of and contribute to.

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Our Team

Angel Oak Communities Inc. have assembled a team with skills and experience to plan, develop and manage communities.

Legal Services: Iler Campbell LLP - Brian Iler has extensive experience working with co-ops, not-for-profits, charities and socially-minded small businesses and individuals 

Architect and Design: Grinham Architects has focused on sustainable design for many years and is an excellent resource for improving and showcasing sustainable design techniques and technologies. 

Engineers: Tacoma Engineers Neeb Engineering Inc. Dorey Designs Ltd. 

Innovation Centre: Centre Wellington Energy Innovations - Bill Oliphant has designed and collaborated with partners and academia to create the preliminary design of the Pando Project. Bill’s experience in the design, implementation and evaluation of projects range from the multinational software development to managing a $25M technology refresh program for Sprint Canada. 

Real Estate: Realty Executives Plus Ltd.  - Mark Enchin has had over 30 years experience in assisting families in finding affordable housing solutions.

Angel Oak also has access to the services of Don Allen, CPA/CMA, MBA.  Don is a consultant from Saskatchewan with 40 years of experience in the private and public sectors.  Most recently Don was the President and CEO of Saskatchewan Housing Corporation.  SHC is the Province of Saskatchewan’s delivery arm for social housing and the signatory (and delivery agent) with CMHC for IAH funding.



If you are intersted in more information on Angel Oak Communities, or the Ignatius Project, please contact us at 888.519.3339 or fill in our contact form.

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